The easiest way to map and manage your emotions.

Moodmaps is the ultimate app for raising awareness as to where and how certain emotions get triggered. When we become arware of the patterns behind recurring emotional states, we can begin the journey of understanding the underlying issues. Without identifying the patterns, both positive and negative emotions can seem like random occurances with no ryhme or reason, which is not he case.

Emotions are responses to real events, both internally and externally.  Using Moodmaps you can capture data at the moment you experience an emotion, and over time discern the patterns behind the data. With Moodmaps you take a snapshot of each emotion as it arises. A snapshot allows you to:

  • record location and time
  • take a photo
  • make a note
  • record emotion intensity

Over time, these snaphots reveal patterns and triggers to these emotional events. You can view the data in various charts, and share the results.

You can also find userful articles and resources helpful for your particular journey in tyeh Resources section of the app.


Moodmaps Sections

The Moodmaps app has 5 main sections.


The Moods section is the beginning of the journey. It is the app home page and provides some quick insights into the recent recorded emotions, and some resources for next steps.


This section provides 3 views of your recorded snaphots based on chronology, location, and mood type. Here you can access your individual snapshot photos and notes.


The Profile section contains useful information and utility links. It also allows the you to update the emotion options that appear on the side nav. 


The section provides helpful guidance, with links to helpful articles and other resources. It also contains a self-care page where you can record your own strategies for dealing with a given emotion.


The Maps section offers 3 different views of the recorded snapshot data to help analyze ongoing trends. The data can be filtered by date, and allows users to download results as a PDF.